Mayter Sales



In 1977 Steven Solomon, at the time Sales Manager for Bosch Power Tools, decided that the time was right to start his own business, supplying end users with power tools and related products. This was the beginning of a family business that is now 30 years old. He started with the help of his mother-in-law and his wife and was joined in the 1990’s by his two daughters.

In 1978 Steven purchased the formula for a handcleaner which was the start of the Leesol brand. This range includes handcleaner, ezeelube, anaerobic adhesives and jigsaw blades.

Steven soon found that local sourcing of German screwdriver bits and impact sockets was becoming increasingly unreliable and he decided to bring these in himself. Imports now include a full range of Tubus drill bits, scribers and screw extractors; Wera screwdriver bits, nut runners, ball head drivers, allen key drivers and specialised stainless steel tools; hand tools, measuring equipment and safety equipment. These imports are sourced from Germany, the Czech Republic and the Far East.

In the mid 1980’s the company started trading exclusively with resellers which include steel merchants, hardware and motor spares shops and engineering and electrical suppliers.

In 1994 Steven purchased Mayter Sales which is a wholesale division primarily supplying motor spares shops with everything from pinstripe and mudflaps to automotive cables and many other automotive requirements. Mayter’s own brands include MajiCopper and Majiwax. They are also the Gauteng distributors of the popular Autosol Products. It was at this stage that his daughter Kerry joined the rest of the family and took over the responsibility of all the admin for Mayter Sales.

Tandy, who had joined Industrial Supply Specialists in the early 1990’s moved to the Cape in 2001 and set up a branch of the company there, where they are the official distributors of Sprayon products.

In 2005 the manufacturing rights for the popular OmniVision mirrors was purchased and these are sold to OE Manufacturers as well as wholesales and retailers.

Industrial Supply Specialists are distributors of Afile, Bostik, FTS, First Cut, Gedore, Genkem, Greenline, Hellerman, Klingspoor, Leesol, Marathon, Omnivision, Pferd, Rawl, Rocol, Ross, Qualitool, Somta, Sprayon, Stanley, Wera, Werner and Will They also carry a large range of fixings and fasteners including nuts, bolts, washers, threaded rods and screws. A large range of safety products are available including gloves (sold under the Qualitool brand) and protective clothing such as welding helmets, goggles, hard hats and respirators. Electrical products sold are all SABS approved and included cabtyre, ripcord, plugs and adaptors.

In 2001 ISSM, a company holding shares in both Industrial Supply Specialists and Mayter Sales, was formed. Long before BEE became the buzzword that it is today the staff of both companies were made shareholders of ISSM which has proved beneficial to both the company and the staff.